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Project Management & Business Analysis:

Ready to wield a double-edged skill set that propels your career forward? Our Project Management & Business Analysis course is your gateway. Immerse yourself in a transformative bootcamp, mastering the art of managing projects while unraveling the intricacies of business analysis. In 8 Weeks, you’ll harness the fusion of these skills, positioning yourself for unprecedented global prospects. Unleash your potential – register now and elevate your career trajectory.

Agile Project Management

Embark on a dynamic learning expedition with our Agile Project Management course. In 8 Weeks, you’ll grasp the core principles of Agile methodologies and SCRUM practices, becoming a proficient navigator of fast-paced projects. This bootcamp is your express route to unlocking a world of opportunities, as Agile becomes increasingly integral across industries. Equip yourself to thrive in today’s global landscape. Ready to make your mark? Register now and embrace Agile excellence.

Project Management & Cyber Security:

Welcome to the intersection of two crucial domains – Project Management & Cyber Security. This bootcamp is your express ticket to mastering project orchestration while fortifying digital landscapes. In 8 Weeks, you’ll adeptly balance project timelines and the critical nuances of cyber security. As the world navigates complex digital terrain, your expertise will stand out. Elevate your career with this power-packed course. Ready to seize the future? Register now and fortify your journey.

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About Facilitator

Taopheek BABAYEJU is a seasoned Management and Technology professional with over two decades (20 years) of experience and expertise in business transformation, strategy & innovation, technology consulting, information security, project, program & portfolio management, PMO delivery, business agility, change management, business development and learning.

A trusted executive advisor, Taopheek has over the years helped several organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. He has had the privilege of leading high-impact transformation projects and programs, managed several multi-million-dollar portfolios, and delivered value across different sectors such as IT, Telecoms, Finance, Agric, Health, Education, Government, Development, SME etc.

About Facilitator

Esther Lolo is a certified Project Manager, Business Consultant, and Learning and Development Professional with over four years of experience in management consulting for clients across the public and private sectors, supporting and leading projects in digital transformation, capacity building and development, strategy development, and organizational capacity assessment and audit.