Damola Solanke

As the CEO of IT Touch Limited, CTO of FLO Cargo, and Director at Nimbus Media Limited, Dr. Solanke has orchestrated a phenomenal $110M business growth, spearheaded e-judiciary solutions, and architected robust IT infrastructures for multinational banks and government agencies. His expertise in product management, business development, startup consulting, and business automation enables him to deliver holistic, scalable, and avant-garde solutions to intricate business challenges.

Dr. Solanke’s commitment to innovation and continuous learning is evident in his academic credentials, which include a Ph.D. in Business Management and Administration from the Swiss School of Business and Management, as well as numerous certifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP®), AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®).

In his leadership roles, Dr. Solanke has adeptly steered complex B2B sales cycles, consummated high-stakes deals with pivotal government entities, and transmuted customer requisites into customized technological solutions. His strategic foresight in implementing customer-centric strategies and his progressive outlook on technology application have catapulted organizations towards realizing substantial revenue augmentation, elevated client satisfaction, and a formidable stance in their respective markets.

Dr. Solanke’s objectives unfurl beyond the orthodox, aspiring to amplify lives and organizational efficiencies through transformative technological applications, thereby instigating a tangible, profound impact across diverse socio-economic strata. He is a stalwart in an epoch where technology and business are inseparably interwoven, illuminating the path for entities towards transformative experiences and generating unparalleled value and impact.