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The iCademy Launches ePMP

ePMP – An Offline e-Learning PMP Training Solution

Technological solutions are widely appraised as the predominant hallmark moment of the 21st Century. This assessment is in consideration of the convenience it offers to users. A reason for its expansive patronage. Virtual Learning as an I.T Innovation provides easy accessibility in education, allowing for out-of-classroom engagement and a self-determined utility control. This tone has provided it with the customer endearment and social acceptance. The iCademy; as a virtue of its dedication to client satisfaction experience introduces the e-PMP.


The iCademy e-PMP is a project management training platform offering an e-Learning experience to user. With the e-PMP, learners can proceed through a training programme at their own pace. Access to the course is also ensured at any time. This innovation also offers an inexpensive worldwide distribution as it can be easily accessed from the internet, including a user-to-user dissemination.

The application is designed to give clients a proper understanding of the theory and practice of all fundamental project management concepts.

The e-PMP is also equipped with simple HD visualisation, rid of technological visual complexity and an offline capability. The consideration regarding its creation is customer focused as it offers the following benefits:

  •  A comprehensive course content
  • Easy navigation
  • Text & audio (voice-over) study guide
  • Study assessment option (quiz)
  • Examination
  • Software Support



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