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Portfolio Management Professional PfMP® Growth in Nigeria

Portfolio Management is a highly specialized field with only over a thousand PMI certified Portfolio Management Professional PfMP® globally. The Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) signifies advanced competency in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives. Basically ensuring that the organisation is able ‘to do the right work’ and that projects within the portfolio achieve the set goals of the organisation. Nigerian professionals have been flying the flag and pursuing the PfMP® certification since 2016, though the certification has been obtainable since 2014.

PfMP® Growth in Nigeria iCentra
PfMP® growth in Nigeria

Since 2016, PfMP® growth in Nigeria has been gradual and recently, Nigeria tied with Germany to become one of the global top 10 PfMP countries, both countries were at 11 professionals respectively. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown that was experienced in 2020, Nigeria recorded the most certified PMI Portfolio Management Professionals yet. Other countries leading the pack in the PfMP certification are USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada and India. They account for over 60% of global certified PfMP’s.

Portfolio Management supports strategic goals and ensures positive returns on investment. For every organisation looking to create superior value, Portfolio Management supports this goal. It basically bridges the gap between strategy and implementation.

The demand for portfolio management and PfMP® certification holders is on the rise compared to other project professionals without an advanced project management certification. The best time to get PfMP certified provided you meet the qualifications and requirements is today. The certification process can be a little time consuming and arduous, however with the right mentorship, guidance and with determination you can achieve success.

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