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FCTA Improves Personnel Performance With ICT Training


By mainstream declaration, adopting Information Communication Technology (ICT) in business management is a key performance metric, able to induce a sustainable amount of productivity in a unit and every string connected to the body of an organization, which includes departments, annex and other lower level set-up.


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), acknowledging this importance trains the members of staff of the Monitoring & Inspection Department of the organization on ICT tools. With this training, it hoped to improve the performance of the department in respect to the use of intensive and sophisticated ICT tools. This will enable them execute their job roles to optimal expectations.

Also, the Computer Appreciation – ICT Tools training was intended by the organization to help them achieve mobility on task execution. It will generate a hands-on reaction which will increase the speed at which projects are being delivered. As a federal ministry, the sole aim is to comply with modern technological trends so as to be able to serve better in their capacity as an enclave of public service. This training is also going to rid the organization of obsolete techniques and make them adopt recent standards applicable for cloud services.


The iCademy, the learning unit of iCentra was on hand to facilitate this with a team of training consultants providing their expertise in a concerted effort with the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

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