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Economy and Governance; iCentra CEO Opines

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Performance indicators of a nation identify good governance and a stable economy as some of the indices that forms the fulcrum of development. The importance of putting these two factors on the right course can’t be overly emphasized, as they are equations that require constant monitoring due to their roles in determining the outlook or image of a country in respect to diplomatic ties, trade and relevance among the comity of nations.

Competently elucidating in the discussion on the state of affairs in the country, particularly related to the economy and governance is the CEO, iCentra, Mr. Taopheek Babayeju. In an interview  on “Global Business” aired on Africa Independent Television” (AIT), he draws a clear picture of the factors that have formed the synthesis to poor representation in respect to these key issues.

As a renowned Project Manager, he sheds light on why adopting project management best practices can form the fulcrum in the realisation of values that are currently oddball in the society. This is a means to prevent failure and mediocrity and ensure sustainability and positive growth. This is Taopheek Babayeju sharing his position on economy and governance.

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