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This question is often asked by people who already have jobs, “I have a job and I am performing well, why would I need a certification?”

Graduates also ask the question, “If I have my degree why do I need a certification?”

Primarily the main reason for getting certified is to validate your Knowledge/ Experience. Below are a few more complimenting reasons you need to get certified.

Market Yourself

Certifications helps you market yourself, especially for those looking to get a job or take a new job.  It is even more important for you if are not looking for a job, but want to keep the one you have. In an economy where there is high level of unemployment and constant demand from employers for more productivity.

If an employer is looking to fill a position, a candidate with a certification will be the first to be considered among other candidates with the same qualification.

In an employment, it helps prove that on top of your own employment records and performance reviews, your skills are relevant. Certifications are a particularly unbiased measurement of your skills.

This scenario is also true for when an organization is downsizing, if they are going to try to do more with less, an employee with added value such as certifications will be required to stay. Organizations merging or buyouts also fall into this category.

Show Your Value Through Certifications

Show that your skills are up to date; with certifications you might be more in line for the next promotional progression in your organization. Certifications help you prove to your employer that you are valuable to the organization and willing to learn new things.

Additionally, for a business owner, certifications will help you make better argument for that next version of technology that you want to introduce into your enterprise. Perhaps part of the reason your company has been skittish is because your employees believe the current mode of operation is still functional. One of the best ways to introduce change is by getting certified in the new area, this will take part of that argument away.

Stay Up-To-Date With Certifications

Yes, you have your BA, BS, MBA, etc and how long ago was that?

Certifications are ways to show proof that you’re keeping your expertise modern and up to date. You are passing the industry’s measurement of knowledge based on their skill assessments of the role where they are certifying the results of your testing efforts.

Some people in organizations today have simply made their way up through the ranks with certifications. It is a way for them to differentiate themselves from their peers. Getting additional certifications and business aligning certifications will make you stand out to the management especially when they are not required. It proves you are setting a new standard for your organization.

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