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9 Benefits of Project Management to Business Success

“Business is Project: The only difference between a performing and a non-performing organisation is simply Project Management” – Taopheek Babayeju

With global economic downturns and dwindling national fortunes, it is important for business owners, managers and professionals to know how to effectively manage resources, and achieve more with less. The achievement of business goals and results is predicated upon the understanding and application of the principles of project management. Here are the few reasons why your organisation should adopt project management as a way of life.

1. Clarity of purpose

Project management helps you achieve clarity in all your endeavour, it helps you define the business case and strategic objectives of any project, as well as the expected outcomes, before kick-off.

2. Strategy Implementation

Project management connects dot between your business strategy and actual execution, it provides a “roadmap” that is easily followed and leads to the achievement of business results.

3. Better flexibility

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of project management is that it allows for flexibility. It helps you take decisions and guides you to effect changes as required, based on the reality of the project.

4. Increased risk assessment

When your strategy is in place potential risks will jump out and slap you in the face. And that’s the reality but project management provides a red flag at the right time and helps you manage risks appropriately.

5. Increased quality

Often the result of better efficiency, a simple reminder regarding the benefits of project management. By implementing fundamental project management strategies, you will narrow your focus, reach desired goals and achieve said goals with specific time and cost perimeters.

6. Increased client satisfaction

Whenever a project is delivered on time and under budget, the client walks away happy. And a happy client is one you’ll see again. Smart project management provides the tools that enable this client/manager relationship to continue.

7. Enhanced effectiveness in service delivery

Project management helps you to achieve and maintain excellence. The same project management strategies that allowed you to successfully deliver one project will serve you many times over.

8. Improved team performance

Positive results not only command respect but more often than not inspire your team to continue to look for ways to perform more efficiently.

9. Increased competitive edge

Word travels fast and there is nothing like superior performance to secure your place in the marketplace. When an organization performs and delivers quality results, the references speaks for it.

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