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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare and equip individuals by providing effective development skills that empower them to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

What We Do

CareerCentra provides individuals and organizations with exquisite in-person and online training programs for professional certification and certificate courses in Project Management, Agile/Scrum, Business Analysis, Cyber Security and more. Our training programs are designed to help participants pass their certifications examinations by PMI, IIBA and PECB.

The Problem That We Seek To Solve

According to research, it is stated that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs globally could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them. This leads us to op three challenges:
Insufficient resources and skill gaps are the top global challenge. From a global perspective, the resource and skill shortage is one of the top three challenges today. According to, reports 9 out of 10 global executives and leaders say that their organizations face a skill gap or expect to develop additional skill gaps in the next three to five years.

Most skill gaps are around cognitive, technical and process, and framework skills. The cognitive skill capability includes analytical capabilities, quantitative and statistical knowledge, statistics, data modeling, and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which are essential skills for digital transformation and business growth.

Upskilling initiatives have grown, but evidence suggests a lack of time, content, and leadership support. The top barriers to skill development within the organizations are lack of time, lack of budget, and lack of offerings in content, topic, or depth, and that upskilling is not a priority for leadership.

The Solution That We Provide

We believe Upskilling is a professional and organizational Imperative. CareerCentra provides innovative approach to learning. Our approach is simple and relatable as we provide individuals and organizations with the best training tools and methodologies through our unique training delivery and seasoned faculty.

Employ the best hands: The CareerCentra team is made up of multiple subject matter experts and trainers who adopt international best practice methods in the delivery of practical and relatable courses and trainings. Our trainers are a combinations of decades of vast experience and hold global certifications across multiple studies and in specific areas of expertise.

Carefully designed course content: CareerCentra provides carefully designed bespoke courses, contents and materials that have been developed by our dynamic team or by our internationally certified training partners. We ensure our processes are scrutinized to meet best practices and global learning and development standards through our content/training deliver.

Top notch customer service: We see time as a commodity and understand the time is of the essence, it is for this reason we offer an exceptional customer experience that ensures swift turnaround time on resolution or inquiries. We understand that our customers are priceless, thus we treat them like royalty.

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